Review | Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

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source: Goodreads

Virginia Woolf obsessed, Amelia Baron, has just thrown herself off her school’s roof with no trace of evidence beyond a scribbled one word suicide note, “sorry”.

Faced with workaholic guilt, single mom, Kate, begins to question her relationship with her daughter and struggles to pick up the pieces that lead to Amelia’s suicide. Could her brilliant, straight-A daughter really have killed herself? All evidence points to yes until Kate receives an anonymous text telling her…Amelia didn’t jump.

Readers who praise Gyllian Flynn’s, Gone Girl, or Jay Asher’s, Thirteen Reasons Why, prepare to applaud McCreight’s ingenious and heart-wrenching story telling as you reach to solve the mystery surrounding Amelia Baron’s supposed suicide.
RATING: 7/10
For those who love mysteries, this is the mystery to read. It was good enough for me not to want to put it down, but not good enough for me not to.  Filled with lies, betrayal, and sex the story moved on it’s own, but the mystery and the conclusion, made it well worth the read. I recommend this to any one who is a huge fan of Gone Girl (or really even Gossip Girl). It carries the same tone and is equally as unpredictable.