Hello, from Chapel Hill, NC!

Chapel Hill, NC

As many of you who follow me on Instagram already know, I’ve officially moved from Columbus, Ohio to the very green state of North Carolina. Why leave the land of the buckeyes? I’m happy to announce that I have been offered an online marketing internship with Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. That’s right, I get to work with books ALL summer! Can you say best. summer. ever?!

Chapel Hill Public Library

Can we all just take one collect sigh and marvel at how GORGEOUS this library is? You should have seen my face when I walked inside. I think I may have even teared up a little. (You think I’m joking but…)

Since I’ll be focusing my attention and energy with Algonquin, you may notice a decline in posts. (Which kind of has been happening for a month already while I’ve been prepping for this move, but whose keeping track?) However, don’t worry I’ll still be keeping you up to date with all of my current reads and hopefully will be introducing upcoming Algonquin releases! Exciting!

As always thanks for being the best book community. If you haven’t already, please check out Algonquin’s social media sites. I’ll be posting periodically and would love for you to see the work that I’ve been doing!

Algonquin Books’ social media sites are below:

Algonquin’s Facebook
Algonquin’s Twitter
Algonquin’s Tumblr
Algonquin’s Instagram

Much love & as always happy reading,

-Britt (The Book Trove)

Books in the News | 9/29-10/3

Hello, all!

I hope each of you have had a splendid week and are basking in all things fall and October-ish. (Are your bellies full of pumpkin spice breads, lattes, cookies, muffins, and OREOS, yet?)

So many bookish things happening in the news this week…

First let’s talk about this guy, Menahem Asher Silva Varga. What a hero…or a nut. All depends on your perspective I guess. I am totally a fan and feel like I have not lived up to my Harry Potter fanatic title after seeing his collection. Seriously, impressive.

Derek Jeter enters the news in the publishing realm this week. The world-class baseball star announced the creation of a new digital publishing platform, The Player’s Tribune, which aims to shrink the gap between fans and athletes through story-telling, Q&A, polls, videos, and more.

Lena Dunham’s highly anticipated book, Not That Kind of Girl, hit the shelves on Tuesday. So far, critics have been in favor of her work. I hear it’s a must read–especially for women. Have any of you had the chance to pick this up yet? Thoughts? I’m still #5 on the waiting list at the library…

The Riverside Unified School District in California decided to roll up their sleeves and ban John Green’s, The Fault in Our Stars, in all their middle school libraries this week. The basis for the ban? Crude language, sex, and…mortality? John Green posted his reaction to the news on his Tumblr page.

Gone Girl makes its debut on the big screen today. I’ll be seeing it on $5 Tuesday’s at my local theater. To those who are more willing to spend the big bucks–what did you think?

Lastly, apparently Nicholas Sparks is a homophobic racist. My personal opinion? Someone is seeking a bit of revenge for being canned.

That is all for this week folks.

Have a wonderful weekend & keep reading.



Setting goals tonight & learning to believe in myself.

I’ve got this.

What are your goals? What are you going to achieve by August 2015?