Monday Mentions feat. Ziba

Monday Mentions


Hello, Friends!

Another Monday Mention is being sent your way! This week the wonderful Ziba is on the hot seat!

Be sure to check her out and say “hi”!


Name: Ziba Gomes aka The Classic’s Queen (it has already caught on so I might as well accept it)
Country: Persian – living in Sweden (for now)
Instagram Name: @ziba.reads
What is your favorite book?
I’d like to meet someone who can actually answer that lol. Ok, The Beach by Alex Garland.  That’s my favorite book. 🙂   
What are your hobbies (outside of reading)? 
Other than reading I like to write and I’m currently working on my first novel – hopefully the first in a quadrilogy. Yay!
Growing up, what were your favorite children’s books/authors?
Growing up I used to read some scary shit: The Tales from the Crypt, remember those? No? Maybe I am just a bit older than most of you guys.
Who is your ultimate book crush?
My book crush would have to be Miles Archer in Ugly Love, first because Nick Bateman will play him in the film adaptation! And also because it’s familiar territory cause I used to be a flight attendant living in Dubai, so yeah…definitely Miles Archer.
Random facts about me:
I get bored super easy with most things haha (not you guys), I have photographic memory, I majored in science in senior high but really suck at math, and I a lot of TV shows for inspiration and script-studying. LOST is my all time favorite–ever! That’s all folks. Namaste