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Friday I couldn’t take it anymore. As I sat on my sofa and read review after review of how All the Bright Places may be the biggest YA book of the year, I knew I had to get this book. Now. I had just made the decision to skip the gym, because it was -10 degrees outside (and anyone willingly going out in this weather was nuts-o).  But sometimes books are more paramount to your heath and mental stability-so naturally I quickly turned myself into an Eskimo and ventured to the closest Barnes & Noble. It was so worth my frost-bitten fingers.

It’s taken me awhile to write this review. It’s really hard to put all your emotions in to words and I really don’t want to screw this up, but I still may.

When an author and a character share the same scars it is evident in the writing. The author seems to just ‘get it’. They are able to craft the deepest emotions into fluid sentences that strike a harmonious chord. A chord that reverberates to the reader bringing clarity to issues that the reader may or may not have experience in. Jennifer Niven does this very well throughout the entirety of All the Bright Places. You feel each emotion as if it were your own and while you may not necessarily understand the thinking of Finch and Violet you appreciate who they are.

When the reader shares similar marks with the author and the character that is what I like to call magic and more importantly… healing.

Nine years ago a friend of mine took his own life. To step inside a character’s shoes and face your own reality is a powerful thing. It is a healing thing, because somehow Niven was able create this character that understands. She grasps your hurt, your anger, your confusion, your loss–allowing you to feel a little less lonely and a lot more understood.

So, thank you Jennifer Niven for breaking barriers, calling out stigmas, and for stirring conversation in relation to mental illness. It’s an important one that needs to be continued among all regardless of gender, race, age, and sex.

Please be sure to pick up this book. It’s not only well written but it may just change your life or at least your perspective. 

For more information about All the Bright Places or to read the synopsis: Click here


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