Monday Mentions feat. Abeer

Hello book friends! I am starting a new segment called “Mention Mondays”  featuring a few bookstagrammers/bloggers who are super awesome and who I think you should follow!
First up is Abeer. She is super creative, an awesome photographer, and always writes the nicest comments on my Instagram photos.  To get to know her a little better I asked her a few things about herself and about some of her fave bookish things! 🙂 Go check her out.
Name: Abeer
Country: I’m originally from the Philippines but I’m currently based in Dubai for my job
Blog: has been my book blog since 2008 but I haven’t updated it for so long!  I’m planning to revamp it soon! Last 2014, I made my IG @lookingforabura into a bookstagram account to share my passion on reading, and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.  Meeting new people and eventually making friends to book lovers – that’s epic.Specially for someone who is away from home, the bookstagram community keeps me sane! Haha
Currently Reading: I’m doing a buddy read for the book Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo and I’m enjoying this series so far…Also, re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the #mugglesreadalong we hosted.
Fave book: Wow! I suppose this is the hardest question ever! I will have to stick with my first love, though, HARRY POTTER series.  I am also adding Neil Gaiman and F. Scott Fitzgerald books!
Interesting Fact: I have a thing with bad-boy-and-broken-girl-characters. I’m a sucker for tragic endings. But sometimes, a happily ever after doesn’t hurt.
Fave Couples: Ron and Hermonie, Anna and St. Clair, Finnick and Annie, June and Day  And Gatsby’s undying love for Daisy just like F. Scott Fitzgerald to Zelda
Reading Spot: Bed or sofa, sometimes at the bus stop.
Fave genre: I don’t really stick to one genre. I explore different worlds. And I fancy any book as long as it suits my current mood.
Other stuff: I’m really a boring person. If I’m not reading, I write blabs and do street photography. I love music but I can’t sing, I love watching coking shows and I can’t cook.
Check back next Monday for another awesome account!