10 Beautifully Crafted Bookmarks

In honor of books-cupcakes‘ August 4th photo challenge, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite inventive and beautifully crafted bookmarks. I am usually not one for bookmarks (I usually just use the book jacket to mark my place) but these are hard to pass up.

1. Book & Tea Wooden Bookmark

source: Lilly Tales, $7

2. Copper Feather Bookmarks
Source: Qutie Supplies, $3.75

3.Hanging Wooden Bookcase
Source: OldandCold, $210

4. Book Corners
Source: Sketch, $10

5. Wicked Witch Bookmark
Source: My Bookmark, $25

6. Harry Potter Bookmark Buddy
Source: Bethydesigns, $4.32

7.Be Right Back Bookmark
Source: Fancy, $14

8.Penguin Classic Bookmarks
Source: Ethem Onur Bilgic

9. Classic Jacket + Bookmark
Source: Icoeye

10. Handmade Vintage Bookmarks
Source: Andrea Singarella


All opinions are my own and not endorsed or affiliated with any company or organization

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